US Lincoln Cent Steel (Steel Penny)  1943
US Lincoln Cent Steel (Steel Penny) 1943

There is a common-held misbelief that 1943 US steel cents are valuable. They are not. They are worth a few cents each, like most other Lincoln cents. It is 1943 copper cents that are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have a steelie that is in superb condition, like the one in our picture, then you can expect a value near $10 US dollars. Other, normal steel cents are worn and are worth about 5 cents each, or less. An almost uncirculated coin may sell for around $1.

The no mint mark variety (Philadelphia) is worth a bit less, and the S mint mark variety (San Fransisco) is worth a bit more.

A 1944 steel penny is worth thousands in any condition, but the 1943 date is very common.

For details about the value of Lincoln wheat-backed cents (aka pennies), see this CoinQuest link.

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