Token: Canada Joseph Howe Commemorative Trade  1977 to 1979
Token: Canada Joseph Howe Commemorative Trade 1977 to 1979

While big, beautiful and with a bold design, these medals are modern, common and low-value. There are a few different designs, such as a sailing ship, a sailor in a ship's rigging, or a thistle with the words 'NOVA SCOTIA' below.

Most issues are in non-precious metal, presumably copper-nickel, and these sell for around $3 to $5 US dollars to collectors when they are in pristine condition.

Some issues were in silver, and feature an older fisherman in front of the sea looking to the right, with a ship on the horizon. These bear the text HALIFAX-DARTMOUTH, N.S.' and are worth their weight in silver, plus a small collectible premium. A collector will pay around $25 for such a silver medal.

All issues have Joseph Howe's name and likeness on one side.

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Requester description: 1752 Its part of the Joseph Howe Festuval commemorative Dollar
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