US Statehood Quarters  1999 to 2012
US Statehood Quarters 1999 to 2012

In 1999, the US Mint started a program designed to build national patriotism and promote the hobby of coin collecting. Five new quarter dollars were to be added to American coinage each year for 10 years, for a total of 50 new coin designs, issued in the order that states were added to the Union. Delaware was first. Hawaii was last. The program was so successful that the mint continued the program with non-statehood themes.

Are these coins valuable? The short answer is 'no.' They are worth face value. However, some coins carry tiny premiums and some proof coins (made only for collectors, not for circulation) were made in silver. The coin in our picture is a proof coin. It has fields that look like mirrors and devices that are white and frosty.

Here are the rules for evaluating statehood quarters.

1. If your coin is circulated with a P or D mint mark, it is worth face value.

2. If your coin is uncirculated with a P or D mint mark, there are a few better dates. The values in the list below are for fully uncirculated coins in pristine condition.

1999P Georgia: 0.35 US dollars (35 cents)
1999D Georgia: 0.35
1999P Connecticut: 0.35
1999D Connecticut: 0.35
2002P Tennessee: 0.35
2002D Tennessee: 0.50
2003P Illinois: 0.50
2003D Illinois: 0.50
2009P Virgin Islands: 0.75
2009D Virgin Islands: 0.60

3. If your coin is dated 2012, has an S mint mark, and is not a proof coin it carries a small premium. These coins (El Yunque, Chaco Culture, Acadia, Hawaii Volcanoes, Denali) are worth about 0.75 each when fully uncirculated in pristine condition.

4. If your coin has an S mint mark and is a proof coin, there are two types: copper-nickel clad and silver. Here are catalog values for clad proof coins in pristine condition:

1999S (all states): $2
2008S (all states except Hawaii): $1.85
2008S Hawaii: $5
2010S (all themes): $1.85
2011S (all themes): $2
2012S (all themes): $2
all other clad proof coins not in the list above: $1

and here are catalog values for silver proof coins in pristine condition:

1999S (all states): $25
2001S (all states): $10
all other silver proof coins not in the list above: $5

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Requester description: 2008 God bless America, United States, Liberty (on the face of the coin) Guam 1898, 2008 E pluribus Unum. State quarter, Has a sailboat and clouds on upper right side, flowers and leaves below boat, and some type of figure on the left with more vegetation below it that I cannot make out. (Guam was minted in 2009 not 2008)
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