Medal: Great Britain Winston Churchill (Austrian Mint)  1964
Medal: Great Britain Winston Churchill (Austrian Mint) 1964

Famed British statesman Winston Churchill was born in 1874. This medal celebrates his 90th birthday. He died a year later.

These medals come in three sizes:

20 mm diameter, 3.5 grams 0.900 gold
32 mm diameter, 17.4 grams 0.900 gold
50 mm diameter, 50.0 grams 0.900 gold

First compute the Base Value (BV) of the gold in the medal, then add a collector premium to get an approximate value.

To compute BV, figure the amount of pure gold in the medal and convert to troy ounces. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce, so a 32mm diameter medal contains 17.4 x 0.900 / 31.1 = 0.503 troy ounces. At the current gold price of $1320 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up at, it changes every day), that's 0.503 x 1320 = $663 US dollars Base Value.

The actual value of the medal is slightly more than BV, due to collector demand. Here are some typical values for medals that are in excellent condition. Values will be less for worn, marred, or otherwise damaged medals.

20 mm medals: add $50 to BV
32 mm medals: add $100 to BV
50 mm medals: add $200 to BV

The 32mm specimen in our photo comes from Stack's where it sold in a 2007 auction for $410. At the time the gold price was about $700 per troy ounce. As always, CoinQuest is grateful to Stack's for use of their coin photo.

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