Token: US James K Polk  1845 to 1849
Token: US James K Polk 1845 to 1849

Even though the dates say 1845 and 1849, this brass token was made in modern times and is worth a few US dollars at most.

US presidents are a popular topic for token manufacturers. See our page with descriptions and general values at this link [Click Here].

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Requested by: Ben, Wed, 02-Oct-2013 22:10:33 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 04-Oct-2013 02:43:55 GMT
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Requester description: 1845 James K. Polk 11th president, U.S.A 'Young Hickory' Governor of Tennessee Speaker of house Annexed California, New Mexico, N.W. Territory Man of ability was identified with slave intrest 'First Dark Horse' dollar coin
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I have this but in a silver finish that is tarnishing. It was in my father's coins and he died in 1983. was there an earlier edition run? - Leo
Hi Leo -- This token was probably minted somewhere between 1960 and 1980. Yours may be silver plated, but it could be solid silver and worth its weight in silver. Take it to a jeweler and have it tested for silver content. I do not know of any silver tokens like this, but there's a lot I do not know. Maybe there is a silver version. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a gold James K. Polk coin how much is it worth?
Take it to a jeweler and have it tested for gold content. The jeweler can evaluate your coin. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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