Medal: Great Britain Great Seals of the Realm Sets  2007
Medal: Great Britain Great Seals of the Realm Sets 2007

These are gorgeous modern silver medals produced by the UK Royal Mint in, I believe, 2007. The exquisite patterns on each of the 5 ounce (big!) medals represent actual wax seals affixed to written communication.

- 19th century set: 5 medals in presentation box
- 20th century set: 6 medals in presentation box

There are two components that figure into the value of these beautiful collectibles. First, there's the silver value, and then there's the sentimental value. The silver value is easily computed, but adding the sentimental value gets tricky!

To figure the silver value of each 5 ounce medal, multiply the current price of silver in US dollars per troy ounce by five. Like this:

[silver value of 1 medal] = 5 x [current price of silver]

At the time of this writing, silver is selling at $21 US dollars per troy ounce. Tomorrow it will be different. Look it up on Today one medal is worth

[silver value of 1 medal] = 5 x 21 = $105 US dollars

so a set of 5 medals contains $525 worth of silver today, and both sets together, 11 medals in all, contains $1155.

For the sentimental value, consider that you are getting exquisite artwork, a nice wooden box, and some fancy printed certificates. This may be worth, say, $50 for some people. Also consider that the Royal mint craftily produced only 1000 sets in an effort to engender perceived rarity. In fact, they might become difficult to find in the future, but I doubt it! So add another $100 for potential rarity. That brings the price of both sets together to about 1155 + 2x50 + 2x100 = $1455. This would be a typical retail price that someone would pay to buy an 11-medal collection of perfect specimens. If one or more of the medals is tarnished or has sustained some other damage, the sentimental value disappears and goes to zero.

Now, suppose you have a set to sell. If you can find a willing collector, you should be able to sell your medals at the retail price computed above. But, if you cannot find a collector, you will have to sell your medals to a dealer, and dealers are very UN-sentimental people. You would be lucky to find a dealer who would offer full silver value. Hope you do!

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Requester description: Two boxes of silver coin. Titled 'Great Seals Of The Realm' There are 5 in one box and 6 in the other. Both come with certs of authenticity. Mint Condition
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