Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Island of Sultana Keping  1835
Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Island of Sultana Keping 1835

Apparently there is no such a place as the ISLAND OF SULTANA, but it sure sounds cool. The coat of arms with the horses on each side is also fictitious. These are tokens made by merchants in and around Singapore in the Dutch East Indies, Indonesia today. Similar coins were minted in 1804 with lions on each side of the arms, and more similar coins were minted with ISLAND OF SUMATRA, which is a real place! This page applies only to the horse-flanked SULTANA pieces.

The catalogs report several varieties, some with one flag, others with two flags, and the presence or absence of a legend. It would be a collecting challenge to assemble a set of each variety. Values are about the same for all varieties, as follows:

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $45
fully uncirculated: $130

The example in our picture comes from Stack's where it sold for $110 in a 2009 auction. As always, CoinQuest thanks Stack's for use of their coin photo.

Coin: 15727 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1835 front inscription: ISLAND OF SULTANA 1835. front device: there is an armour at the centre of the coin with two flags sticking out on top of the armour. there are two stallion on each side of the armour. back inscription: some inscription in arabic characters.
Tags: indonesia dutch netherlands east indies island sultana sultan keping nederland holland nederlandsche netherland nederlandsch hollandia nederlandse nederlanden hollandiae nederl neatherland nederlands holl eastern easterly indie iland isle ilands islands sultanate saltanat inscription monogram armour armor centre offcenter two flags flag stallion horse arabic arab characters character script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials armored off offset certer center centers centered colours blanket banner colors banners bannered mountie mounted mount equestrian rider pony horsehead riding horseman ride horseback horses equestres arabesque aribic arabian arabia logograms logogram arms shield sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast shields escutcheon


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