Ancient Rome Gloria Exercitus Bronze Coinage  330AD to 340AD
Ancient Rome Gloria Exercitus Bronze Coinage 330AD to 340AD

The Gloria Exercitus inscription on the reverse references bravery and fortitude of Roman troops in subduing the various barbarous tribes of Francia and Alamannia.

Earlier and heavier ones have two standards between the soldiers while a change on weight standards was marked by the later, lighter coins showing a single standard between the soldiers.

This type was common under the rule of Constantine the Great, Delmatius, Constantine Jr, Constans, and Constantius.

While there are rare types with intricacies such as special mint marks, bust types or other small details, the values below are for most common types:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $10
almost uncirculated: $80

worn: $5
average circulated: $15
well preserved: $100
almost uncirculated: $250

CoinQuest normally does not use the 'almost uncirculated' grade. However, Roman coins will not be fully uncirculated; none have been preserved without friction to their surfaces for almost two thousand years.

This somewhat ambiguous almost uncirculated grade is here taken to mean a coin that has no loss of metal from even the highest points of its surfaces, with a full, strong strike, no issues, and no corrosion. Friction to the coins surfaces is considered unavoidable, and mint luster is rarely present.

The value of ancient Roman coins is hugely dependent on the eye-appeal, and is reduced drastically if a coin is poorly cleaned such that the metal is brightly orange, poorly struck such that much of the lettering and the mint mark is off-flan, or severely worn such that the inscription and features are difficult to identify.

A coin commands a premium if it has a nice portrait, good centering, clear inscriptions, a readable exergue (the mint mark on the bottom of the reverse) and only little wear.

Coins that have been poorly cleaned to show shiny metal underneath will be worth much less than the values cited above.

There are many minor varieties within this series of coins which will not be apparent to the novice collector. We highly suggest going to your local library and borrowing 'The Roman Imperial Coinage Vol. VIII: The Family of Constantine I ' - this is without discussion one of the most comprehensive books on these coins, and it will list the many bust and mint mark variations along with their respective rarities.

Check out our Important Terminology page to properly interpret these catalog values.

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