Medal: US Abraham Lincoln  2009
Medal: US Abraham Lincoln 2009

This gorgeous medal of one of America's most beloved presidents went on sale at the US Mint in 2009. Two versions were offered: a 3 inch bronze medal for $38 US dollars and a 1 5/16 inch bronze medal for $3.50.

Today they retail at about these same values or a little lower. However, if you have one to sell, figure that a dealer will pay you about one-half retail or less.

I have seen these gold plated and also re-cast in various sizes. Neither of these features adds value.

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Requester description: Abraham Lincoln Inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1861 Second Term March 4, 1865 ASSASSINATED April 14, 1865 unknown
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i have a one abraham lincoln medal bronze and i want to sell it.. - marjoriemelgazo
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