Token: World Legal Reproductions of Valuable Coins (Counterfeit)  1670 to Date
Token: World Legal Reproductions of Valuable Coins (Counterfeit) 1670 to Date

That's not a real trade dollar in our picture. It's a fake! Real trade dollars are appraised at this CoinQuest link.

Nevertheless, an interesting thing has happened over the past decade or two. Rules and Regulations under the 1973 Hobby Protection Act require that all imitation numismatic items sold in, or imported into, the United States be marked with the word 'Copy'. Under that legal protection, a small branch of coin collecting formed ~ the Repro Collector. If you go to Ken Potter's web site, you can see some breathtaking reproductions of rare and exotic US coins. The proof trade dollar in the photo is from Ken's web site. Isn't it gorgeous?

These coins sell retail for $10 to $100, or thereabouts. Dealers will pay about one-half retail for coins they buy from the general public.

In contrast to legal reproductions, there has been a flurry of counterfeit rare coins on the market without the word COPY. Most of these are cheap imitations, easily discerned by anyone who has collected coins for a while, but deceptive to the non-collector. Stephanie, you have one of those.

There is a great web site that lists counterfeit US dollars located at this link.

CoinQuest thanks Ken Potter for the use of his coin image.

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Requester description: 1797 Sitting Liberty Trade Dollar 420 Grains, 900 Fine
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