Medal: US Declaration of Independence
Medal: US Declaration of Independence

It was a big day in history for America and for the world, when the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. This event, like so many other major events, has been captured over and over again on medals, tokens, and coins. The sample designs shown on this page are a very few of the total designs available.

These are modern pieces. As such, they are worth their weight in precious metal. Medals that are made of copper, nickel, pewter, and other such base metals are worth a few US dollars, usually selling retail for $10 or less. When a dealer buys such a medal from the general public, he or she will usually offer one-half retail or less.

A few medals, tokens, and coins with the Declaration are made of silver and gold. To find the value of these, first determine the amount of silver or gold (a jeweler can help), then multiply by the current price of the precious metal. You can find precious metal prices at

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