Medal: US Queen Elizabeth Visits America  1976
Medal: US Queen Elizabeth Visits America 1976

Her Majesty's visit to America during 1976 has been commemorated many ways, this one being a nice looking medal with the Queen's likeness, an American eagle, and a British lion.

Modern medals like this are worth their weight in precious metal (if any), plus value due to collector appeal. This medal was produced by the famous Medallic Art Company in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. The one in our picture is the pure silver issue, containing 0.88 troy ounces of the precious metal. Other issues were made in bronze and plated with gold or silver. They contain zero precious metal (the plating has essentially no thickness). A jeweler might be able to tell if you have a solid silver piece or a silver-plated bronze piece.

If you have the silver medal, multiply the current value of silver (see by 0.88 to get the base value of the metal.

Collector premium is difficult to estimate for these medals. The silver ones generally sell for $35 to $50 US dollars retail, and the bronze ones sell for half that. Remember that if you want to sell your metal to a coin dealer, he or she will generally offer you one-half retail.

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Requester description: 1976 Front: 'Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II' Design is a bust of Queen Elizabeth II with letters FG (Frank Gasparro I'm assuming) under her neck Back: 'In Commemoration of the visit of Queen Elizabeth to America 1776 - 1976' Design: An Eagle and Lion (wearing a crown) standing back to back. Eagle facing left and lion facing right. They are holding a banner/ribbon with the words/cities 'Washington Boston New York Philadelphia Albemarle Charlottesville' and the letters FG (Frank Gasparro) on the bottom right under the ribbon. I have pictures if you want them.
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