Germany Notgeld Crailsheim  1918
Germany Notgeld Crailsheim 1918

German notgeld, or emergency money, is a fascinating area of coin collecting today. These coins (really tokens) were issued because the normal governmental authorities were too busy with other intentions or incapacitated by external conditions to produce regular coinage for commerce. In 1918 Germany was a mess (kriegs = war) and notgeld abounded.

This is one of many examples of notgeld. Please read our general page on the subject at this link [Click Here].

The Crailsheim notgeld of 1918 is somewhat rare, although you can readily find it for sale in coin shops. It comes in 5, 10, and 50 pfennig denominations. Rough catalog values run like this:

worn: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $15
well preserved: $50
fully uncirculated: $180

Use our Important Terminology page to understand how catalog values work.

Coin: 15922 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1918 Front side kriegsnotgeld 1918 coin value 50, 50 is inside a circle coin is in shape of an octogan with two dots on ether side of date. Back side says crailsheim on top with city in center looks like castle with people charging its gates guy in center looks to be holding flag city appears to be in a cloud shaped border with two shields at bottom one has a w other a pattern
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