Finland 10 and 20 Markkaa  1879 to 1913
Finland 10 and 20 Markkaa 1879 to 1913

These medium-sized gold coins from old Finland are quite in demand by collectors, especially some of the rarer dates. Daniel, yours is one of these *better dates* which will be listed under the common date values for the respective denominations below.

These coins are made of 90% pure gold, and the weight of the coin as well as the pure gold weight is inscribed on it - the 20 markkaa coins weigh 6.45 grams, and contains 5.806 grams of pure gold. This translates into 0.1867 troy ounces. The 10 markkaa coins contain 0.0933 troy ounces of gold.

To find the value of your piece, first find the base value from gold by multiplying the above number of troy ounces of gold for your denomination by the current value of gold. Use a website such as to look it up. It changes every day.

Once you have the base value (BV), look below to see the collectible premium you must add to it to obtain the catalog value. Refer to our 'Important Terminology' page on the top left in order to properly interpret these catalog values.

worn: (BV) + $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: (BV) + $100
well preserved: (BV) + $130
fully uncirculated: (BV) + $230
10 markkaa dated 1904: add $700 to (BV) when average circulated, add $1200 if fully uncirculated
10 markkaa dated 1905 are rare and catalog at $4000 when average circulated, $7000 when fully uncirculated

worn: (BV) + $25
average circulated: (BV) + $160
well preserved: (BV) + $250
fully uncirculated: (BV) + $500
20 markkaa dated 1880: add $500 to (BV) if average circulated, add $850 if fully uncirculated
20 markkaa dated 1912 are rare and catalog at $12,000 when average circulated and $21,500 when fully uncirculated!

Damaged coins, such as coins that have been holed or soldered destructively in order to create a piece of jewelry, will only be worth the base gold value as explained at the beginning of this page.

Coin: 15932 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1880 Frontside: 20 MARKKAA 1880 5806 GRM. KULTAA 0645 GRM. KUPARIA* Backside: FINLAND SUOMI* Symbol: Big double headed eagle. I think the condition is UNC-BU.
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