Malaysia (Malacca) 1 and 2 Keping  1831
Malaysia (Malacca) 1 and 2 Keping 1831

These copper coins with the rooster come from Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. They were minted in England for use by Singapore merchants. The catalogs list two denominations, a 1 keping and a 2 keping, although distinguishing the two coins is problematic. About one millimeter separates the sizes; the patterns are almost the same, but an Arabic '1' or '2' shows near the top of the date side:

1 KEPING: about 19 to 20 mm diameter
2 KEPING: about 21 to 22 mm diameter

The 2 keping are quite rare, as shown in the value listings below.

The 1247AH date in eastern Arabic numerals corresponds to 1831AD on the Gregorian (Western) calendar. To convert from Islamic (Hijri, AH) to Western (Gregorian, BC, AD) date, use the web site. AH dates are about 600 years earlier than AD dates, since the AH calendar is based on the time that Mohammed lived, about 600 years after Jesus Christ.

Here are approximate catalog values for these coins. I have seen auction results in which fully uncirculated coins sell for well above catalog price.

worn: $6 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $20
well preserved: $40
fully uncirculated: $100

worn: $30 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $80
well preserved: $120
fully uncirculated: $240

Use our Important Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values.

Coin: 15985 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1247 I have a copper coin or a token, I assume from dutch colonies (since I got it from The Netherlands). On one side it has a bird on it, with some arabic inscriptions, and on the other side again arabic inscriptions and the year 1247.
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