Slovenia Slovenia Coinage  1991 to 2007
Slovenia Slovenia Coinage 1991 to 2007

Slovenia did not become an independent country before 1991. The earliest coins it minted were produced in 1990, but these were pattern coins and token issues that are not covered by this page.

All non-precious coinage issued by Slovenia dated 1991 or later is worth face value. The Slovenian mint issues some collectible sets, and the coins from these sets have had their mintages artificially limited. Some collectors will pay a few US dollars for coins in mint sets, while some will not find them collectible.

Circulation issues in fully uncirculated condition may also sell for a few dollars to collectors who specialize in such issues. To sell for such a value, coins must be free from all problems such as scratches, corrosion, stains or anything of the like.

Be sure to check this page [Click Here] for information on what makes modern coins valuable.

Coin: 16045 , Genre: Modern
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