Tanzania Senti and Shilingi Coinage  1966 to Date
Tanzania Senti and Shilingi Coinage 1966 to Date

Formerly known as German East Africa, Tanzania started minting coins in 1966. Tanzanian coins come in two denominations: senti and shilingi, with 100 senti in one shilingi.

All of Tanzania's circulating coins, in all denominations, are made of non-precious metal and are worth very little, less than $1 US dollar in circulated condition, and a few US dollars in uncirculated.

Like most nations of the world today, Tanzania produces modern commemorative coins which they sell to collectors. These are made of gold and silver, and are worth their weight in precious metal.

Coin: 16092 , Genre: Modern
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Requester description: 1981 Front Side: at top 'TANZANIA 1981', middle is a man facing to the left, at bottom is 'RAIS WA KWANZA'. Back Side: at left 'SENTI', at right 'ISHIRINI', in middle is an ostrich, at bottom, is '20'. 20 Senti
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I Had Tanzanian 5 Cent Of 1981, 10 Cent Of 1979 And 1981, also Have 1 Shilling 1966, if any one concentrate please contact me through my email-**contact suppressed** - Noel Chilemba
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