India (Portuguese) Tanga, 1 Rupia, Centavos, and Escudos Coinage  1934 to 1959
India (Portuguese) Tanga, 1 Rupia, Centavos, and Escudos Coinage 1934 to 1959

Portugal had major influences in India, especially along the coasts, until 1961. They minted coins for use there in various denominations: tanga, rupia, centavos, and escudos. This page applies to all these coins, and most of them, but not all, have patterns that look like our picture. They all have inscriptions REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA and ESTADO DA INDIA.

The Jerusalem cross and the globe are classic symbols of Portugal, and these symbols appear on most of these coins. But there are variations, with some samples shown in our secondary picture.

The listings below are in three groups: (1) coins made of silver, (2) coins made of bronze, and (3) coins made of copper-nickel. The copper-nickel coins look like they are made of silver, but they are not. The values given are for coins in average circulated condition. To get other values, use these rules:

worn: divide the given value by two
average circulated: use given value
well preserved: multiply the given value by two
fully uncirculated: multiply the given value by three.

All these values are catalog values. Use our Terminology page to convert catalog values to actual buy and sell values.


1/2 RUPIA, 1936 (large shield on ESTADO side, 0.177 troy ounces silver): $30
1 RUPIA, 1935 (large shield on ESTADO side, 0.354 ounces silver): $20
1 RUPIA, 1947 (coin in our primary picture 0.193 ounces silver): $20


1 TANGA, 1934 (shield on both sides): $80
1 TANGA, 1947 (1 tanga on REPUBLICA side): $7
1 TANGA, 1952 (1 tanga on REPUBLICA side): $4
10 CENTAVOS, 1958 (10 centavos on REPUBLICA side): $3
30 CENTAVOS, 1958 (30 centavos on REPUBLICA side): $3
30 CENTAVOS, 1959 (30 centavos on REPUBLICA side): $8


2 TANGAS, 1934: $20
4 TANGAS, 1934: $60
1/4 RUPIA, 1947: $10
1/4 RUPIA, 1952: $5
1/2 RUPIA, 1947: $15
1/2 RUPIA, 1952: $5
1 RUPIA, 1952: $15
60 CENTAVOS, 1958 and 1959: $3
1 ESCUDO, 1958 and 1959: $3
3 ESCUDOS, 1958 and 1959: $5
6 ESCUDOS, 1959: $5

Coin: 16097 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1947 Front -Republica Portuguesa 1947 with a circular Portuguese coat of arms embedded on cross. Back-Court of arms without the cross but with a design on top,surrounded by the words Estado Da India & 1 Rupia Coin is a bit heavy.
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