Mauritius 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Rupee  1934 to 1978
Mauritius 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Rupee 1934 to 1978

Mauritius is a tiny island nation located far out to sea off the coast of Madagascar, which is the large island nation off the coast of southeast Africa. They mint coins under the British flag and this series of rupees contains a few valuable dates. The main thing that contributes to value is silver content, which is found in coins dated before 1947. After that silver was replaced with copper-nickel and value goes way down. The 1/4 rupee is shown in our picture. The 1/2 rupee has an elk or antelope on the reverse, and the 1 rupee has a shield with four quarters.

1/4 RUPEE 1934 TO 1938: 0.086 troy ounces silver
1/4 RUPEE 1946: 0.047 ounces silver
1/4 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: no silver content

1/2 RUPEE 1934: 0.172 troy ounces silver
1/2 RUPEE 1946: 0.094 ounces silver
1/2 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: no silver content

1 RUPEE 1934 TO 1938: 0.343 troy ounce silver
1 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: no silver content

The silver 1/4 rupee in our picture is worth only its silver value, i.e., 0.086 times the current price of silver. It carries no numismatic (coin collector) value over and above the silver value because it is severely scratched. Collectors will not buy scratched coins.

The listings below give approximate catalog value for these coins when in well preserved condition. You can figure the values for other conditions based on these rules:

worn: use 1/4 of the given value
average circulated: use 1/2 of the given value
well preserved: use the given value
fully uncirculated: use twice the given value

1/4 RUPEE 1934 TO 1938: $30 US dollars approximate catalog value well preserved condition
1/4 RUPEE 1946: $60
1/4 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: $2

1/2 RUPEE 1934: $20 well preserved
1/2 RUPEE 1946: $100
1/2 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: $2

1 RUPEE 1934: $25 well preserved
1 RUPEE 1938: $60
1 RUPEE 1950 TO 1978: $2

Coin: 16109 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1950 Front -Mauritius,Quarter Rupee,1950 .Between writing four symbols arranged in a circular manner ,crown at the top,Right side-circular flower,bottom-verticle fern,Left side-circular flower(different from left). Back-'KING GEORGE THE SIXTH' around the coin and king with crown facing left. Coin is the size of a US Dime.Very faint nicks(4)o coin's edge.
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