Medal: US Joan of Arc Park  1919
Medal: US Joan of Arc Park 1919

This, no doubt, is a valuable medal. These medals are very large (> 60 mm diameter) and come in gold, silver, and bronze. Based on information I've seen in catalogs, mintage of these medals is very low, with only a few hundred pieces produced. This will drive up price for medals that are in good condition. If the medal is worn, stained, cleaned, scratched, or otherwise marred, value will be low.

The sculptor of this medal, Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (1876 - 1973), is famous for public equestrian monuments, including one of Joan of Arc in New York City.

I have been unable to develop a decent pricing model for this medal, because I have been unable to find reliable auction results for its sale. My pure guesses for problem-free medals are:

BRONZE: about $250 retail price
SILVER: about $450
GOLD: about $3000

Remember, these are guesses only, based on no data. If you can send pictures of your medal, I might be able to estimate more precisely. To do this, start and e-mail exchange using the Contact Us link.

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Requester description: 1919 joan of arc park new york dedicated january 16 1919 homage to the maid of france
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