Hungary 2 Pengo  1929 to 1939
Hungary 2 Pengo 1929 to 1939

Big, bold and beautiful are three perfect words to describe these silver issues from 'MAGYAR KIRALYSAG' - the Kingdom of Hungary.

The Madonna-with-Jesus design has been used on coins of Hungary ever since medieval times - first on tiny silver denars, later on medium sized copper denars, and finally on large silver pengo. It has truly stood the test of time!

Made of 64% pure silver and with a weight of 10 grams, each one of these coins contains 0.206 troy ounces of the precious metal. Using a site such as, we can find the base value from the silver content. The current market value of silver is $20.18 US dollars per troy ounce. Multiplying by the 0.206 tr oz in the coin, we get $4.15. This is the Base Value (BV).

The *better dates* will be listed further down on the page. Given just below are approximate catalog values. To convert these into actual buying and selling values, you must consult our Important Terminology page found at the top left.

worn: (BV) + $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: (BV) + $4
well preserved: (BV) + $7
fully uncirculated: (BV) + $12

1931: $30 average circulated, $115 fully uncirculated
1935: $80 average circulated, $325 fully uncirculated
1932 and 1936: $25 fully uncirculated

Any coin that has suffered severe damage such as by jewelry mounting or deep scratches will only be worth the base silver value.

Coin: 16236 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1929 side A: magyarorszag vedasszonya are written picture:mary with jesus on lap with halos around head both holding objects side B: magyar kiralysag 2 pengo are written picture: two angels on left and right fasing each other with arms reaching out and up holding a vessel of somesort, leaves bound together near their feet, cannot describe to well the picture between the angels, also a unique design on the trim of the coin 2 pengo
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