Medal: Austria 'Saturn' Calendar  1965
Medal: Austria 'Saturn' Calendar 1965

Robert, it sounds like this is your coin. Turns out it's actually a medal issue from Austria. Below the date of 1965, there is an inscription of 'M├?'NZE WIEN', or 'Mint Vienna' - this is where it was struck!

The medal was engraved by Hans K├Âttenstorfer, as evidenced by the small inscription above the 'SAT' of 'SATURN'. He was an Austrian medalist who among his many metals and tokens also designed ten Austrian coins.

It is made of 80% fine silver and weighs 25.7 grams. It contains 0.661 troy ounces of silver, and using a website such as we can calculate the silver melt value. The current price of a troy ounce of silver is $20.22 US dollars, so the silver value of the medal is 20.22 x 0.661 = $13.40.

To get the catalog value of your medal, add the following amounts to the silver value:

worn: add $0
average circulated: add $2
well preserved: add $10
fully uncirculated: add $25

Damaged medals will only be worth the silver melt value. Refer to our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret these catalog values.

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