Mexico 25 Pesos  1968
Mexico 25 Pesos 1968

Cool coin. Mexico issued this large 25 pesos coin only in 1968. It is made of 72% pure silver by law (0.720 ley) and shows the national coat of arms of Mexico (eagle, snake, cactus). Each coin contains 0.521 troy ounces of silver, so look up the current value of silver and multiply by 0.521 to get the base value (BV) of this coin. The coin cannot be worth less than BV.

For instance, today silver is selling for $19.72 US dollars per troy ounce (click to for up-to-minute silver values), so BV = 0.521 x 19.72 = $10.27.

If your coin is in superb condition, like the one in our picture, collectors will pay a few dollars more than BV.

If you want to sell your coin to a dealer, he or she will offer a few dollars less than BV. The margin gives the dealer profit to stay in business.

Coin: 16279 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Gabriel, Tue, 07-Jan-2014 03:16:38 GMT
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Requester description: 1968 Eagle (feathers are colorful...reminds me of black hills gold) holding a snake in its claws and mouth. The eagle is standing on maybe a rock with a cactus coming out of each side. A bow is tied around a bundle. It says 25 and looks like ESD below that. It also says LEY 0.720 Below that is a M with a circle on it. On the front is an Olympic player it has the 5 Olympic rings. It says Juegos de la XIX Olimpiada Mexico. Around the side it says Independencia y Libertad.
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