US Washington Pattern Cent (Fakes are possible)  1792
US Washington Pattern Cent (Fakes are possible) 1792

Hi Shannon -- If your coin is genuine, it is a very valuable piece. It sounds like you have an old Washington Hancock Pattern Cent, worth tens of thousands of US dollars. We have included two large pictures on this page. If you think your coin may be genuine, consider sending us a photo for more complete analysis. To do this, start an e-mail exchange using the Contact Us link.


The coin in our main picture, which appears at the top of the page and is repeated in larger format at the bottom, is a genuine 1792 Washington cent sold by world-famous auction house Heritage Auctions. It sold (are you ready?) for $48,875 US dollars in a 2009 auction. CoinQuest thanks Heritage for use of their coin image.

All valuable coins are subject to counterfeit, and this is no exception. The image immediately below is of a typical fake. You can see the lack of detail in the counterfeit coin. Your description is so complete, Shannon, we doubt you have a crude counterfeit. Counterfeits are worth zero.

Coin: 16317 , Genre: United States
Requested by: shannon, Mon, 13-Jan-2014 10:08:49 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 13-Jan-2014 16:22:01 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Sun, 03-Jan-2016 18:40:07 GMT
Requester description: 1792 obverse, Washington bust, inscription, Washington President 1792. reverse,eagle wings spread, olive branch in left claw, arrows in right, snake in mouth(something written on snake)13 stars over top of eagle, 12 along the rim, 1 directly over eagles head, shield in front of the eagles chest.
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