Belgium 5 and 10 Centimes  1861 to 1901
Belgium 5 and 10 Centimes 1861 to 1901

Nice coin. These coins were minted from 1861 to 1901 and there are a few *better dates* in the 5 and 10 centimes series. Fist we address the common dates, then list the better dates below.

Like most coins from Belgium, two sets of inscriptions are used:



worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $10
fully uncirculated: $20

The values quoted here are inflated catalog values. Use our Important Terminology link to gain an understanding of what 'catalog value' means.

1901 is a transitional date for several Belgium coins. Check this CoinQuest page if your coin is dated 1901 for a comparison to other, similar coins. This page applies only to coins that look like the picture at the upper right.

The list below gives the better date, followed by two catalog values. The first value is for the coin in worn condition, the second is for well-preserved condition. As always, scratches, spots, and stains take away from value. The only thing that takes away more value than scratches, spots, and stains is cleaning. Do not clean your coin. Cleaning ruins value.

1864 $4 $120
1898 $8 $70
1900 $5 $65

1864 $2 $40
1895 $15 $140 (must have legend L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE to be worth this much)
1898 $3 $20
1901 $30 $200

If your coin is not in the two lists above, then it is a common date coin. Refer to the COMMON DATE section for values.

Coin: 1638 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1901 10 centimes belgium coin leopold ii roi desbelgeson one side l,union fait la force on th other with a lion rampant
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Is not an 1862 10 centimes coin in good condition not worth very much? I also have a 1915 in very good condition but the two 1916 coins in poor condition. Any feedback much appreciated.

- Mr. B
Hey Mr. B -- to answer your first question, 'Common date coins catalog around $1 US dollar in worn condition and climb to $10 to $20 in well preserved condition.'

Check out this page for the zinc ones you have.
- CoinQuest (Todd)

Thank you so much Todd for your information and link. I have over 75 different countries of coins and still trying to learn more about each. Some of the coins are very old (before 1850). Having to find a way to translate the language is my next great barrier. Again, thank you so much for you feedback. I have bookmarked your website. - Mr. B.

Hi I have an 1863 L UNION FAIT LA FORCE 10 Centimes Leopold Premiere ROI DES BELGES in good condition I just wondered what this may be worth. - Ann
Ann, please see the paragraph titled 'COMMON DATES 5 AND 10 CENTIMES.' - CoinQuest (Todd)

hello I have something of an oddball, it's a 5 centime coin from 1863 but there are squiggly bars besides the date
they're arranged like this:
star I 1863 I star also the six is a bit higher than the rest of the numbers Is there any way to upload pictures on this site? - ted
Hi Ted. There is a known overdate variety for the 1863 date of Belgian 5 centimes, where the year 1862 was reengraved into 1863. The date was also made slightly smaller. On some 1863 issues, the remnants of the date can be seen as squiggly lines on either side. If you look inside the curves of '3', you may also be able to spot remnants of the old '2' underneath it. The 1863/2 5 centimes currently catalogs at $15 USD average circulated, $55 fully uncirculated. The '6' is normally placed a bit further from the rim than the other numbers. If you look closely at our image, you will see that this coin shows the same feature. You can upload images when creating a new appraisal request, which is possible as long as there is fewer than 3 requests waiting in the queue. - CoinQuest (Chris)





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