Korea Tong Guk Tong Bo  998AD to 1097AD
Korea Tong Guk Tong Bo 998AD to 1097AD

We think this is your coin, Joe. Hope so. It is a tong guk tong bo cash coin from King Sukjong of the Koryo Dynasty during the period 998-1097 AD.

These coins are not easy to find, especially in decent condition. Prices, in our view, are suppressed right now, as this specialized area of collecting has yet to take off in popularity. As the Internet introduces more and more people to the fascinating cash coins of the Sinosphere, prices will certainly rise. Also, as collectors uncover nice-looking, high-quality specimens, prices will skyrocket for those particular coins.

Here is our best guess at current value based on a few auction results we have seen around the Internet.

worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $120
well preserved: $250

We consider the coin in our picture to be in average circulated condition. This particular coin sold for $91 at AnythingAnywhere in North Carolina during 2007. CoinQuest thanks Bob Reis of AnythingAnywhere for use of the coin image. Be sure to read our Important Terminology page for instructions about interpreting catalog values.

There is a great page introducing Korean coins like this at PrimalTrek [Click Here], one of our favorite sites for coins like these.

Coin: 16407 , Genre: The Sinosphere
Requested by: Joe, Sat, 25-Jan-2014 07:38:00 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 25-Jan-2014 15:45:09 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Mon, 11-Jan-2016 22:28:45 GMT
Requester description: Front inscription: there are 4 korean characters (Tong gua tong bo).the characters are read in the following order: Top Bottom right left. There is a square shape hole in the middle of the coin. It does not have any inscription on the back.
Tags: korea tong bo korean boa inscription monogram 4 characters character order square hole script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials logograms logogram squarish boxed squared boxes squares box ong


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