Spain 25 Pesetas  1876 to 1880
Spain 25 Pesetas 1876 to 1880

These old gold coins from Spain are pretty amazing. They are large enough to really display the beautiful coat of arms on the reverse. The precious metal really brings out the design, doesn't it?

Coins that are worn will only be worth the gold they are made of. Containing 0.2333 troy ounces, each coin is currently worth just a smidgen under $300 US dollars in gold value. To find out the current value of your coin, use a website such as to look up the current value of gold, and multiply it by 0.2333.

The value noted above is the Base Value (BV) of each coin, i.e., the value due to gold content alone. Any coin with decent eye appeal will be worth more, as outlined below:

worn: (BV) + $0
average circulated: (BV) + $80
well preserved: (BV) + $115
fully uncirculated: (BV) + $230

There's an interesting twist with these coins. On most coins, the date is plain to under the bust of King Alfolso XII. However, if your coin is dated 1876, get out your magnifying glass! The two stars to either side of the date have tiny numbers in them. On most coins dated 1876, the left star will simply have '18' and the right star will have '76'.

However, in 1961 and 1962, the Spanish mint decided to strike some of these coins again. They used dies manufactured from the original prototypes, and true to tradition, the dates were engraved into the stars.

Coins dated 1876, but with '19' and '61' inside the stars catalog at $1500 when well preserved, and at $2000 when fully uncirculated.

Coins dated 1876, but with '19' and '62' inside the stars catalog at (BV) + $150 when well preserved, and at (BV) + $250 when fully uncirculated.

Any coin that is seriously damaged, such as a coin that is holed, has a gouge, or is severely scratched will only be worth the base gold value. Refer to our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret the catalog values used on this page.

Coin: 16410 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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