Spain 16 Maravedis  1661 to 1664
Spain 16 Maravedis 1661 to 1664

These coins are great collectibles! They have a nice 'old' feel due to the simpler minting technology, often causing off-center or partially weak strikes on imperfect flans. The obverse has a nice renaissance style bust of Philip IV of Spain, and the reverse features the Spanish arms. Finally, most dates of these coins can be picked up in decent condition without causing you to go bankrupt!

Most dates and mint marks catalog at about the same value, as noted below. Better dates and mint marks will be called out further down.

worn: $6 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $60

The value after the date and mint mark below is the value of that coin in well preserved condition.
1661 'star above chalice' - $80 well preserved
1661 N - $105
1661 M - $90
1662 M - $90
1661 'E over M' - $135
1662 and 1664 'E over M' - $120
1663 'E over M' - $160
1963 error date 'E over M' - $135

The 'E over M' mint mark is for the Spanish mint of Valladolid, which existed in its third location from 1661 to 1664. The coins from this mint are scarcer than the rest. The coin in our image is from the Valladolid mint, and you can see the 'E'-like character over the 'M' to the left of the coat-of-arms on the reverse side of the coin.

Coins that have been holed, severely scratched, or in another way damaged will be worth close to zero. Refer to our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret the catalog values used here.

Coin: 16507 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1664 Philippvs 1111 DG HISPANIRVM rex 1664 Head one side Shield on other 16 to right of shield (B or 8!) on other.The coin is copper but has tiny pieces of silver in the copper and have not seen one with the B or 8 over an M,opposite the number 16
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