Medieval Great Britain Henry VIII Testoon  1509 to 1547
Medieval Great Britain Henry VIII Testoon 1509 to 1547

This may be your coin, Rob. It's an old Testoon minted under Henry VIII, King of England from 1509 until he died in 1547. These coins are extremely rare today. It's incredibly difficult to find them in good condition, and collectors are willing to pay a lot for coins that do not have problems.

There are many minor variations within this series of coins. Some are worth more than others. If you have one of these coins, it would be wise to take it to a coin shop where a professional numismatist can take an in-hand look at your coin. He may be able to narrow down the date range in which it was minted, and determine which city's mint it was struck at.

The values below are ballpark estimations. Each of these coins stands on its own merits based on strike quality, wear pattern and general eye appeal.

worn: $1200 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2500
well preserved: $7000

The usual rules found on our Important Terminology page apply to the catalog values listed above.

Coin: 16523 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: King with beard and crown - inscriptions are: R?X HENRIG VIII DRG? ?GL FR? NEXT SIDE - Flower with crown on flanked with H and R - M?VM POSVI D?VN ?DIVTORIVM None
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