France 5 Centimes  1795 to 1803
France 5 Centimes 1795 to 1803

As you probably know, sir or madam, 1799 is The Year 8 (l'an 8) for these old 5 centime coins of the first French Republic. For worn condition the KM catalog lists a 1799BB at $8 US dollars when CINQ (5) is spelled correctly, and at $100 when CINQ is spelled CNIQ by mistake. Hope you have the good one -- the one with the spelling error.

COMMON DATES (see exceptions below):
worn: $7 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $35
well preserved: $90

These are catalog values for most dates in the series. Use our Terminology page for an explanation of 'catalog.'

All years and mint marks with the CNIQ misspelling are valuable. All years with normal CINQ carry the values above, at least approximately.

Notable exceptions from the 'common date' values are listed below. The value after the date and mint mark is for coins in average circulated condition.

L'AN 4 or 5 with mint mark T: $1000 and up
L'AN 4 or 5 with mint mark W: $1000

L'AN 5, mint mark A: $75 when average circulated
L'AN 5, mint mark I: $150

L'AN 6, mint mark AA: $75
L'AN 6, mint mark BB: $65

L'AN 6, 7, 8 or 9, mint mark D: $100

L'AN 9, mint mark AA: $75
L'AN 9, mint mark G: $60

Spots, stains, holes, nicks, and cleanings will render the coins of little or no value. The coin in the picture is a nice one in average circulated condition. It comes from respected eBay seller Rex-Coins and we thank Pat at Rex Coins for use of the great coin photo.

Coin: 1654 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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