France Denier and Double Tournois (Henri III and Henri IV)  1574 to 1610
France Denier and Double Tournois (Henri III and Henri IV) 1574 to 1610

Denier tournois and double tournois are the denominations of these copper coins from yesterday's France. Henri III reigned between 1574 and 1589, and Henri IIII between 1589 and 1610. Inscriptions read HENRI III (or) IIII R DE FRAN ET POL (or) NAVAR. The large A mint mark means Paris. Some coins have two fleur-de-lis, others have three. Our primary photo shows Henri III. Our secondary photo (on the diagonal) shows Henri IIII.

A good coin catalog, such as the Standard Catalog of World Coins lists every denomination, date, and mint mark, and gives pricing info for every entry. Scanning the entries, no denominations, dates, or mint marks stand out as extra special; they are all about the same value. The key driver of value is condition. The coins in our pictures would sell retail in the $75 to $150 range. If a dealer were buying them, he or she would pay roughly half the retail numbers. The mark-up is required to keep the dealership in business.

Approximate catalog values are:

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $80
well preserved: $200

Coin: 16557 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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