Venezuela 1 & 2 Bolivares  1960 to 1965
Venezuela 1 & 2 Bolivares 1960 to 1965

Simón Bolívar is a national hero of several countries. The country of Bolivia was named after him, and so was the Venezuelan currency of the Bolivar.

Minted not too long ago in generous quantities, the catalog values are quite low today. Any coin that is circulated will be worth the silver it contains.

The 1 bolivar coins contain 0.1342 troy ounces of silver, while the 2 bolivares have twice that: 0.2684 troy oz. Using a website such as, we can see that the current value of one troy ounce of silver is $22 USD. Multiplying this number by the amount of silver in a 1 bolivar coin, we get $22 x 0.1342 = $2.95 US dollars. This is the value of any circulated coin. You can do the same calculation for the 2 bolivares to find its circulated value.

If you have a coin that is absolutely, fully uncirculated, then it commands a premium. Add $2 for 1 bolivar coins, and add $4 for 2 bolivares coins.

Fully uncirculated coins that are damaged in any way will be worth the base silver value.

Coin: 16565 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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