China Qing Dynasty Qian Long Tong Bao  1736 to 1795
China Qing Dynasty Qian Long Tong Bao 1736 to 1795

This is an old Chinese cash coin from the Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty (1644-1911), Emperor Ch'ien Lung (Gao Zong), (1736-1795). It has a broad rim and is from the Hangzhou, Zhejiang mint. The Chinese characters on the front read 'Qian Long Tong Bao'. The Manchu characters on the back vary by mint. On our coin they read 'Boo Je', corresponding to the Hangzhou in the province of Zhejiang - a rare mint. The most common mints are 'Boo Yuwan', the 'Board of Public Works' mint in Beijing, and 'Boo Chiowan' or the 'Board of Public Revenue' mint, also in Beijing. There are many other smaller provincial mints, the coins from which are generally more valuable. It is beyond the scope of CoinQuest to list and evaluate all these varieties. A good coin catalog will tell you much more!

The coin in our primary picture is from Noble Numismatics in Australia. This particular coin is in great shape and sold for 180 AUD (about $160 US dollars) in a 2009 auction.

Some coins of rare mints in superb condition can reach as high as $1000, but most coins are heavily worn and carry values between $2 and $10.

In our secondary picture we have included the qian long tong bao side of Melville's coin. He sent us this picture. You can see it is in rough shape compared to the Noble specimen. Melville's coin would probably sell for about $10 to $20 US dollars.

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Requester description: Circular Coin with a square hole. I have scanned & emailed the front & rear pics to with reference number as I find it hard to describe the coin. Thanks. ?
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I have one of these coins, however worn greater than the picture you show. How does one go about evaluating such a coin?. I'm just starting an identification search of a group of random coins left by my grandfather. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. - Bil
Hi Bill -- There is no easy way. I would love to start a project on old Chinese cash coins like these. Most are worth very little, but, if an easy-to-use identification system could be developed, rare coins would probably be discovered as collectors scoured their holdings. I can offer two partial solutions:

-, a well-respected Russian site on Asian coins

-, a comprehensive site, but difficult to navigate

The definitive reference book for coins like these is Hartill 'Cast Chinese Coins.'

Wish I had better news for you ...
- CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a coin like this in great condition just barely worn. I've done some research on it and mine is in better condition than most I've seen - Evan Haynes
That's great to hear! These are very interesting coins. - CoinQuest (Todd)

Is there many counterfeits of this particular coin?
- jay
I do not know of specific counterfeits for this particular coin. Unfortunately, counterfeit cash coins are very common and it is usually very difficult to tell a counterfeit from a real coin. This is an area worthy of careful study. I have heard of reference books that address the issue of counterfeit cash coins, but I have never followed through. The constant flow of requests to the site takes up all my time. If you would like to send pictures of your coin, we can give you our opinion. To do so, start an e-mail exchange using the 'Contact' button at the top of the home page. - CoinQuest (Paul)





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