France Douzain  1658
France Douzain 1658

This requester did not leave their name nor a very thorough description. This may be his or her coin. There are only a few coins from France dated 1658 with the word 'Benedict' on them, and knowing tha it's a small coin with a non-precious appearance narrows it down even further.

Minted in billon (an alloy of mainly copper and a bit of silver), these tiny coins are known as douzains. This is a single year type, and they are quite rare. They pop up once in a while when hobbyists find them with their metal detectors. They are usually pretty beat up, and nice-looking coins are very valuable. Even very worn coins can bring a nice sum of money.

The coin in our image was sold by Numismatica Genevensis SA in Geneva for 2400 Swiss Francs (around $2700 USD) in 2010. The side with the coat of arms is a little better than average circulated, and the reverse is about average circulated. The coin has no problems like corrosion or a bend. As such, it is a very nice specimen. Approximate catalog values are given below:

worn: $500 US dollars approximate catalog value.
average circulated: $2000
well preserved: $4000

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Coin: 16581 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1658 Benedict 1658
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