Medal: Germany Brandenburg Prussia  1802 and 1803
Medal: Germany Brandenburg Prussia 1802 and 1803

Ok, Dinah. You are one of those people who like to streeettttch our CoinQuest expertise. After quite a search, the piece in our picture may, or may not, be your coin. It has 99% of the accouterments, but that last 1 percent may do us in.

I believe you have a medal, not a coin, from the time of Napoleon. I also believe that it is quite valuable, probably retailing for $100 to $200 US dollars.

The piece in the picture is for sale at 200 euros at this link. You can also see a similar, but not exact match at this link.

Medals and tokens are not legal tender coins and they do not have a strong collector following like coins do. This, ultimately, means their values are lower because the demand is lower. Your piece might be so scarce that it commands high value.

Check, also, a recent page about another Napoleonic medal.

Coin: 1659 , Genre: Medals
Requested by: dinah, Sat, 24-Oct-2009 14:06:57 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 16-Jul-2014 17:14:12 GMT
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Requester description: 1802 friedrich wilhelm III koenig von preussen 1803 huldigungsmunze head and shoulder profile of man with hair tied back and high collared cape.on reverse auch ihnen schutz und wohlfarth then at the bottom under device with line separating,hildesheimugoslarmit dem staate vereinigt 1802. soldier type man with helmet breastplate long garment holding a long javelin type sword with flag at top depicting possibly a dragon.his right arm is front of him he has a stand with scales carved into front with an open book on it and a sword standig 1 side and a box with cereal plants and tools in
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