Seychelles 5 Cents  1948
Seychelles 5 Cents 1948

Being worth just five cents, one may think that these are tiny coins. They are not! At a hefty 9.7 grams and 28.4 millimeters, they have plenty of space to show the pretty crowned bust of George VI. The other side is less interesting, showing little more than a huge numeral 5.

The coins were struck in bronze for just a single year. Not too many were produced (just 300,000) but they are still readily available. This may be because not a lot of people collect coins from the Seychelles.

In any case, the catalog values are not very high. Circulated coins are worth less than one US dollar. Fully uncirculated coins are a little more sought-after, and with nice eye appeal, the catalog value can increase to $10.

Any coin with damage will be worth essentially zero.
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Coin: 16603 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1948 OBVERSE: Displays king George the sixth and bust facing left. REVERSE: Outer coin displays Seychelles 1948 five cents and inner displays the number five.
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