Medal: US Reagan Bush Vision  1981
Medal: US Reagan Bush Vision 1981

This political medal is found on eBay and similar locations from time to time. It is made of bronze, but appears also with silver plating. The silver plating adds no value.

These medals are readily obtainable, so the driving force in the price is mostly sentimental value.

[selling price] = [intrinsic value] + [sentimental value]

The intrinsic value is about $5 US dollars. I have seen them sold as high as $100, obviously to someone who really likes President Reagan and Vice President Bush. Finding such a buyer may not be easy. I like the two men and think they did a good job for our country, so I might pay $20 or so. If you took your to a coin dealer, he or she may pay intrinsic value but not much more.

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Requester description: 1981 Vision for the nation ronald reagan george bush the united states of america. On the edge of the coin it says 1981 maco-bronze 9999 silver plated
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