Egypt (British) Token (Spanish Reales)  1920
Egypt (British) Token (Spanish Reales) 1920

Wow, Mitchell. That's a puzzler. According to accomplished numismatist Haseeb Naz of Chiefa Coins in Saudi Arabia, this is an Egyptian token from the time of the British Occupation between 1882 and 1952. It is obviously designed to look like Spanish reales coinage, but the actual motivation, origins and metallic content are unknown. Haseeb says that jewelers in Egypt issued these pieces to sell a jewelry.

Since Mitchell's coin in pretty well beat up, with illegible inscriptions, it is probably not worth very much. A guy tried to sell one on eBay for $1000 US dollars, but that did not fly. My guess (pure guess) at value is:

worn: $10 US dollars
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $100

CoinQuest thanks Haseeb for use of his photo and for the information he provided.

Coin: 16620 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
Requested by: Mitchell Williams, Sun, 02-Mar-2014 02:53:30 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 03-Mar-2014 14:14:53 GMT
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Requester description: 1920 I have scans, but here is what it says as best as can be read: FRONT: 'FERDIN' then some illegible text to my old eyes, then 'TIA' the year is plain as 1920 and the image of a person with a large nose and pony tail in very old style of dress, similar to George Washington's style of dress. BACK: illegible or language that i am unfamiliar with, then 'MIKH HABIB'
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