Rhodesia (Southern, Zimbabwe) 2 Shillings  1932 to 1954
Rhodesia (Southern, Zimbabwe) 2 Shillings 1932 to 1954

These are silver coins from the country of Southern Rhodesia, known as Zimbabwe today, in Africa. The country was British until 1966, and they issued these coins with the antelope design between 1932 and 1954. The British monarch on the front changes from George V to George VI to Elizabeth II during that period.

COINS BEFORE 1947: 0.336 troy ounces silver
COINS AFTER 1946: copper-nickel, no silver content

Many of these coins carry good numismatic (coin collector) value. The silver coins, of course, are worth at least their silver value, even if completely worn and beat up. We list first some general values and then the special *good dates*.

worn: $8 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $50
fully uncirculated: $120

worn: $1 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $4
well preserved: $15
fully uncirculated: $60

Here are the good dates. The values shown are for coins in well preserved condition.

1934: $100
1939: $300
1940: $100
1941: $100
1946: $300
1954: $280

All the values on this page are catalog values and must be adjusted to find actual buy and sell values. See our Terminology page to find information about the adjustments.

Coin: 16622 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1936 FRONT: Inscription: GEORG V KING (left)EMPEROR (right) Picture: KING GOERG V CROWNED (looking left) BACK: Inscription: TWO SHILLINGS (bottom)SOUTHERN (left)RHODESIA (rt)1935 (upper top rt)KC (could be a 'G' - lower bottom center under the picture) Picture: ANTELOPE (looking left)
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