Ancient Rome Constantius II Fel Temp Reparatio Follis  351AD to 355AD
Ancient Rome Constantius II Fel Temp Reparatio Follis 351AD to 355AD

This Roman follis from Constantius II, second son of Constantine I and Fausta, and brother of Constantine II and Constans, show the gruesome scene of soldier spearing a fallen horseman. They were popular coins and many are available today for collectors. The inscription 'Fel Temp Reparatio' is short for 'Fel[icis] Temp[oris] Reparatio' and it means 'Renewal of Happy Times,' a less gruesome thought.

There are several varieties but all follow roughly these catalog values:

worn: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $12
well preserved: $35

Coins from Trier (with TRP or TRS in the exergue) are less common - multiply the above values by 2.
Coins from Arles with PARL, SARL, PCON or SCON in the exergue are also less common - multiply the above values by 2.
Coins from Rome with 'R wreath Z', 'R dot F dot P', 'RZ star', 'RT star' or 'RQ star' in the exergue are rare - multiply the above values by 5.

Better coins have intact edges and rims, are sharply struck, well centered, with legible inscriptions and a clear exergue or other mint marks.

Worse coins have corrosion damage, are poorly cleaned, are chipped or broken, have unclear inscriptions and ambiguous lettering in the exergue.

Please read our Important Terminology page for interpreting catalog values.

Coin: 16713 , Genre: Ancient
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Requester description: Ancient Roman Coin - Constantius II OBVERSE: Displays the draped bust with a beaded head wear facing left. Coin displays words/letters - DN CONSTAN TIVS PFAVG REVERSE: Displays a Roman Soldier Standing on a defeated enemy who fell off a horse and stabbing him with a spear. The following letters/words on the coin: FEL TEMP REPARATIO SMKA AND A SYMBOL
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