Great Britain Normal and 'Dump' Farthing and Half Penny  1717 to 1724
Great Britain Normal and 'Dump' Farthing and Half Penny 1717 to 1724

Sometimes these old halfpennies look a bit weird and banged up, even if the design has little wear. The mal-formed coins are known as 'dump' issues, and they are crudely struck on poorly manufactured planchets. They are commonly found off-centered, over-struck, and on over-sized planchets.

Generally 'dump' issues are dated 1717 to 1719, with 'normal' coins after that. The values of all coins, normal and dump, are very respectable for coins with better eye-appeal. Even worn coins are pretty collectible.

FARTHING (about 20 to 22 mm diameter)
worn: $15
average circulated: $180
well preserved: $850
fully uncirculated: $1200
'dump' farthings dated 1717 are more valuable in lower grades, worn: $100, average $600, well $1400

HALF PENNY (about 27 mm diameter)
worn: $25
average circulated: $250
well preserved: $950
fully uncirculated: $1300

Coins with severe corrosion, holes, or other problems that make them undesirable for a collector are worth a few dollars at most.

Coins with minor problems are worth about one third of the values above. The coin in our third image, marked porous, is about average circulated, but with a tainted patina and porosity of the surface. It was sold for $60 US dollars in 2011 by noted auction house Stack's Bowers. CoinQuest thanks Stack's for use of their picture.

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Coin: 16762 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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