Medal: Great Britain George II Indian Peace  1757
Medal: Great Britain George II Indian Peace 1757

While probably a replica, Steve, that is an exceptionally cool medal. We were able to find this medal in a number of different states of preservation, and in multiple metals; copper, bronze, pewter and silver. There are many different restrikes and replicas, as summarized at the bottom of this page. To be sure about value, Steve, you will have to take your medal for an in-person inspection by an expert. We can give only general guidance here. Send us a picture, if you like, and we will give you our opinion about your specific piece (use the Contact Us link).

The reverse of this medal is described as 'a Quaker sitting by a fire offering a peace pipe to a Native American'. The medal was engraved by Edward Duffield from Philadelphia. The medal is also know as the 'Treaty of Easton Medal'.

It seems that there are more reproductions than real George II Indian Peace medals out there. One genuine medal was sold for $106,425 US dollars. This is probably a very high price. Some of these medals were overstruck on Spanish 8-reales coins. These are made of silver. They have sold in the past for about ten thousand dollars. In total, 13 genuine medals (not replicas or restrikes) are known.

At the bottom of this page you will find a side-by-side comparison of one very valuable medal and one of low value. The valuable one comes from Stack's where it sold for $80,000 in a 2006 auction. The low-value medal was produced in the 1960s and is worth $50 to $100 or so. CoinQuest, as always, is indebted to Stack's for the use of their coin photo.

There are restrikes in existence struck by the Pennsylvania mint in the late 1870s. The dies bad been badly damaged by then, and long lines run through the faces of the coin. It looks as though George II has been crossed out! These restrikes are also very valuable, worth at least hundreds of dollars. A genuine medal or a 'broken-die' restrike measures 47 mm in diameter.

Another restrike was made in pewter in the early 1800s or late 1700s. The original dies were used, and they had not yet been broken. The pewter restrike weighs 25.19 grams and measures 43.3 mm in diameter.

- Original medal (13 known): $50,000 approximately
- Restrike at a later date with original die: $20,000 approximately
- Restrike with broken die: $1000 approximately
- Restrike (about 1960) with new die: $100 if in good condition
- Novelty token or souvenir: $5 or so

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Requester description: 1757 Not sure of Metal composition and is a large medal OBVERSE: Outer Medal wording GEORGIVS.II. DEI.GRATIA. The bust faces left wearing a leaf type crown / headdress and draped in a uniform. The shoulder pads look like a animal REVERSE: Outer medal displays the words: A CROSS SYMBOL LET US LOOK TO THE MOST HIGH WHO BLESSED OUR FATHERS WITH PEACE The medal displays two men sitting around a fire passing a peace pipe to each other. There is a sun in the upper left and a tree behind the man holding the peace pipe. The boTtom medal displays the date J757 OR 1757.
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