Belgium 5 Ecu  1987
Belgium 5 Ecu 1987

Belgium started minting 'Trade Coinage' mostly for collectors in 1987. Some coins are silver, others are gold. As such, these coins with the old denomination 'ecu' carry value due to their precious metal content.

The 5 ecu coins of 1987 contain 0.612 troy ounces of silver. They are worth the current price of 0.612 ounces of silver. To find that value, go to and look it up.

Right now, the current price of silver is $19.85 US dollars per troy ounce. Tomorrow the price will be different, so look it up. Today's value of the 5 ecu coin is 0.612 x 19.85 = $12.15.

If you were to sell your coin to a gold and silver buyer, he or she would charge a commission to execute the transaction. The size of the commission depends on the size of the transaction. For, say, ten 5 ecu coins with a silver value of $120, a typical commission would be $30. For 100 coins worth $1200, the commission percentage goes down. The larger the transaction, the lower the commission percentage.

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