Medieval France (Charles the Bold) Double Partard  1467 to 1477
Medieval France (Charles the Bold) Double Partard 1467 to 1477

These silver coins were minted in medieval France in north and western regions of Flanders, Brabant, and Burgundy by various rules, notably here Charles the Bold (or Charles the Rash) whose name (KAROLUS) appears on the shield side. with SIT NO[ME]N DO[M]INI BEN[ED]ICTVM (May the Name of the Lord be Blessed) on the fleur side. The denomination is known as double partard.

The coin in our picture comes from Stack's Bowers where it sold for $90 US dollars in a 2010 auction. It seems that such an old coin would be worth more today, but, in fact, there are relatively few collectors of medieval coinage and the low demand keeps the prices reasonable.

Typical values run like this:

worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $85
well preserved: $180

Coins like this stand on their own merits and price guides, including CoinQuest, are only Guides with a capital 'G.' Actual prices may vary tremendously.

Coin: 16832 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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