Medal: US Washington Before Boston (Comitia Americana)  1776
Medal: US Washington Before Boston (Comitia Americana) 1776

This beautiful medal was engraved by the Frenchman Pierre-Simon-Benjamin Duvivier. He had an interesting life and career as a medalist, and you can read much more about his life on Wikipedia's page about him.

This medal was made sometime in the early 1800s, and restruck in Paris around 1820. There are different versions struck in different medals with different weights. On some later versions there is a distinctive die flaw which runs horizontally from the top of Washington's head on the reverse (the side with the people on horses).

The below values are ballpark approximations. These medals are very rare, and are seldom seen at auction.

worn: no worn medals known to exist
average circulated: none known to exist
well preserved: $1600 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: $10,000

Steve, you report your coin as pewter, and with a Roman numeral date of MDCLLXXVL. This is not a valid number in the Roman numeral system. The date of 1776 should read MDCCLXXVI. This may be a misreading on your part, but on genuine coins, the lettering should stand sharp and not let itself to misinterpretation.

Together with the metal (it should be copper or bronze) it seems that Steve has a modern reproduction of this valuable medal. Such a piece is not considered genuine and is worth little, selling for about $10 on eBay (see this CoinQuest link [Press Here]). Check the diameter: a genuine medal measures 69 millimeters across. If you are not sure what you've got, check with a professional coin dealer or knowledgeable collecgtor for an in-person appraisal. You can also consult this Stack's Bowers page of original medals.

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Requested by: Steve, Mon, 28-Apr-2014 12:29:23 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 30-Apr-2014 13:14:09 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Fri, 15-Apr-2016 00:33:27 GMT
Requester description: Looks to be Fine PEWTER OBVERSE: Large bust of George Washington facing right. Outer coin text reads: GEORGIO WASHINGTON SUPREMO DVCI EXERCITVVM ADSERIORI LIBERTATIS Below bust reads COMITIA AMERICANA and DUVIVIER PARIS.E REVERSE: Outside top of coin text reads: HOSTIBUS PRIMO fUGATIS - Center displays men on horses, canon/canon balls, river, ships and land. Text on the bottom reads: BOSTONIUM RECUPERATUM XVII.MARTII MDCLLXXVL
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