Token ~ Jeton: Philippines Lucky Pocket Piece Talisman  1900 to Date
Token ~ Jeton: Philippines Lucky Pocket Piece Talisman 1900 to Date

Not much information can be found on these tokens. They seem to be little anting-anting amulets from the 1930s supposed to bring good luck for the wearer. Anting-anting is a Filipino system of magic and sorcery that uses talismans, amulets and charms. Another owner also identifies the metal as silver and lists the weight at 1.16 oz, or 32.89 grams.

Various versions of the amulet can also be found on the web. Some have sharp detail in the design, others are ill-defined. The well-defined pieces seem struck rather than cast, or at least professionally struck instead of crudely hammered.

Information on these pieces seems extraordinarily scarce and CoinQuest would be grateful to hear from anybody who has any knowledge to share. We have a page on a different anting-anting token at this link [Press Here].

One seller on the Filipino eBay is in possession of both different specimens. They are being sold for around $50 US dollars. If they are indeed made of good silver, then this seems an appropriate value. If they are made of a base metal, then suppose a catalog value much closer to $5.

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