Austria Schilling  1925 to 1932
Austria Schilling 1925 to 1932

That building, Steve, is the Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna. It was constructed between 1874 and 1883, and is indeed in a Greek revival style. The horse statue shown outside is the 'Rossbändiger' or Bronze Horse Tamer, an iconic statue that cannot be missed by anyone entering the building.

But enough about architectural history. These coins, though quite old, have picked up little value. This is due to their large mintage numbers - in the tens of millions. Average circulated coins catalog around $5 US dollars, while fully uncirculated coins are not worth much more: $8 or so. The exception is coins dated 1932. These catalog at $65 when average circulated, and $150 when fully uncirculated. So check your dates!

Any worn or damaged coin will be worth the value of silver it contains. At 0.1235 troy ounces of precious metal, and a current silver value of $19.26 per troy ounce (use a website like to check the current silver value), the current silver melt value of these coins is 0.1235 x 19.26 = $2.38 USD. Use the link to check the value - it changes every day.

Except for the silver melt value, all values used on this page are catalog values. Please check our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret what this means.

Coin: 16973 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1925 OBVERSE: Outer side/top of coin text reads: REPUBLIK OESTERREICH, bottom has two STARS AND 1925, center displays a GREEK OR ROMAN type building. REVERSE: Outer top and bottom text reads: EIN SCHILLING, center displays a SHIELD with BRANCHES/LEAFS
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