Poland Danzig 5 Gulden  1923 to 1927
Poland Danzig 5 Gulden 1923 to 1927

Danzig (Polish GdaƄsk) was a free city when most of its recent collectible coins were minted. This one shows Marienkirche, St. Mary's Church, in the city. There are several other coins with Marienkirche and the lion-supported coat-of-arms, but this page applies only to coins that look like our picture.

These coins are valuable. The pictured coin comes from Westfalische Auktions gesellschaft in Arnsberg, Germany, where it sold for 410 euros (about $560 US dollars) during a 2014 auction. The strong eye appeal of Westfalische's coin gives it high value. CoinQuest thanks Westfalische for use of their coin image.

worn: $125 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $270
well preserved: $675
fully uncirculated: $1450

The values above are for coins dated 1923. If you have one dated 1927, the values go up even more, to $500 in average circulated condition. Nice!

Coin: 17007 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1923 Two lions holding a shield and 5 Gulden below them. The other side has a big church with Sreie Stradt Danzig *Sunf Gulden * 1923
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