Token ~ Jeton: US New York Jones Wood Hotel Civil War  1863
Token ~ Jeton: US New York Jones Wood Hotel Civil War 1863

The area of Jones's Wood, or Joneswood, has left such a mark on the history of Manhattan that it has its own Wikipedia article. In the directory of 1860-1861, it is listed as 'Isaac Sommers' Hotel at the Foot of East 70th Street', explaining the 'I. Sommers' on the coin.

These tokens, dated 1863, struck during the Civil War (possibly during a shortage of pennies), are traded today at respectable values:

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $30
well preserved: $80
fully uncirculated: $175

Damaged tokens are worth a couple dollars at most. Please read our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret the catalog values listed above.

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