Token ~ Jeton: Australia Internment Camps  1943
Token ~ Jeton: Australia Internment Camps 1943

Internment camps were common during World War II. Plenty of innocent civilians found themselves in these camps simply because of their national background. Fortunately the camps closed as soon as the war was over.

These tokens, marked with INTERNMENT CAMPS, come from Australia. They are valuable because most of the original tokens were destroyed after the war, leaving few examples for collectors today. There is an excellent web site with background material at Sterling Currency.

Denominations are penny, threepence, shilling, 2 shillings, and 5 shillings. All denominations are valuable, but the 2 and 5 shilling coins are very difficult to find.

worn: $35 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $85
well preserved: $200
fully uncirculated: $450

Multiply these values by four if you have a 2 or 5 shilling coin.

Please read our page on Important Terminology. Tokens which are damaged, cleaned, or otherwise impaired are worth very little.

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